The Shepherd Ones

We’re showing our dynamics of Romans 15:6 for its duties and expression to bring the Saints to unveiled (outside) for a victory from God to Man. This scripture calls to neighbors of their landmark. Noting that one or a few people can’t complete the prophecy of Romans 15:6 because ‘ one voice’ is every Word God has given in inspired writings to mankind. Hence, to complete Romans 15:6 God is requesting a minimal of 31102 people; because that’s how many verses there are in His Word (the Bible) to glorify Him. With that being said, its time for the Saints to come together and recite/sing all God’s Word into Heaven.

I hope you’re not lost in the prophecy of Romans 15:6. If not, receive your key to take your landmark across the bridge at Romans 15:6 with us. The  question for you today is; can you assist the Saints in mounting up as assigned in the itinerary below and completing the destination clear through to the other side of Romans 15:6, for such a victory that’s been laying and awaiting us for thousands of years at Romans 15:5, in a two minutes assembly for God.

Officiating by Larry Denson, God’s Messenger.

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Understanding Self

Its time you make an informed decision,  are you going to live in the grant from God of Endurance and Encouragement or stay within the margins of assignment given in your measure of faith without a spiritual breakthrough?