The Shepherd Ones

We’re showing our dynamics of Romans 15:6 for its duties and expression to bring the Saints to unveiled (outside) for a victory from God to Man. This scripture calls to neighbors of their landmark. Noting that one or a few people can’t complete the prophecy of Romans 15:6 because ‘ one voice’ is every Word God has given in inspired writings to mankind. Hence, to complete Romans 15:6 God is requesting a minimal of 31102 people; because that’s how many verses there are in His Word (the Bible) to glorify Him. With that being said, its time for the Saints to come together and recite/sing all God’s Word into Heaven.

I hope you’re not lost in the prophecy of Romans 15:6. If not, receive your key to take your landmark across the bridge at Romans 15:6 with us. The  question for you today is; can you assist the Saints in mounting up as assigned in the itinerary below and completing the destination clear through to the other side of Romans 15:6, for such a victory that’s been laying and awaiting us for thousands of years at Romans 15:5, in a two minutes assembly for God.

Officiating by Larry Denson, God’s Messenger.

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