Give Me This Knowledge

In the words of Jesus; lets rise. Jesus asked his disciples to glorify his Father that the Will shall be well with the people of God. Its not that the disciples didn’t hold fast to Jesus words, but the qualifying way to glorify Father had not came to them by God’s Word yet.  Paul (an Apostle) who would later write God inspired letters to the brothers of the faith in Rome for such a book. Our lead scripture is composed in these pages at Romans 15:5-6. We are now with the knowledge to glorify the Father as given in His  consent to be glorified! By then man would have lost his way to glorify God by scripture and therefore started other un-related  glorify activities and calling them glorifies to God. Now that the Preach1 Foundation is sent to bring this sect (glorify Father God)  back to the people’s of God for duty. As Jesus had said for us to do his work even greater. Because we are blood purchased, we dare not go back on the Will.  Read more: