Your Romans 15:5-6 Pledge to GOD

When your life or death depends on God’s view for you and there is no one to ask or to show you how to take a position in God without idiotic concepts of religions, the way to God is through His Word and that is a Bible, the Preach1 Foundation is here for you. However, timing is everything for the believers who share in the shinning light at Romans

Brothers and sisters, what accountable deed are you doing in the coming survival  towards the 1000 years Rapture? This post is a grace that there would be a recourse for you a take before the Rapture.  Take our suggestion, be advised and signup here:

Them who'll glorify God
Preach1 Foundation Bible

To receive Romans 15:5-6, a giving of at least a cool drink of water (donation) will be a stored reward in heaven for you (Matt 10:42). We’re asking for your support to spread this outreach ministry throughout America, Canada and beyond.

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