The Romans 15:5-6 Pledge In GOD

When your life or death depends on God’s view for you and there is no one to ask or to show you how to take a position in God without idiotic concepts of religions, the way to God is through His Word and that is a Bible, the Preach1 Foundation is here for you. However, timing is everything for the believers who share in the shinning light at

Brothers and sisters, what accountable deed are you doing in the coming survival  towards the 1000 years Rapture? This post is a grace that there would be a recourse for you a take before the Rapture.  Take our suggestion, be advised and signup here:

Them who'll glorify God
Preach1 Foundation Bible

To receive Romans 15:5-6, a giving of at least a cool drink of water (donation) will be a stored reward in heaven for you (Matt 10:42). We’re asking for your support to spread this outreach ministry throughout America, Canada and beyond.

Bearing Fruit: Select a more excellent way

The church offers you a seat on the pew to open your Bible, whereby Preach1 Foundation gives you a 2 step intro to ‘enter into your Bible‘.  Its now coming down to how close you want to be to God.  The offers are; the next room or the mansion. Preach1 Bible offers you a place to be on God’s Timeline by God’s location in verses in the Bible. This would be your nesting place for living in the Real Estates of God.

The way for people to enter the bible.
How to enter the Bible for fruit bearing purposes Rom15:5-6
enermy attack bearing good fruit
Don’t fear or back down

This check point summons the enemy when saints visit here to bear good fruits at registration, but never turn back on God at Rom15:5-6!


To bear the fruit of John 15:8, its not our prayers in the spirit and its not a praise of thanksgivings. Its your heart with a proof of God’s Word, placed and pressed within us to turn us into fruit bearing saints. Come and be pressed into fruit of the Lord Jesus Christ that together we may glorify our God by the consent given to us at Romans 15:6 

Glory To Glory
The entry to bless God by His Word.

Years Ago Prophesied

For thousand of years prophesied, let it be known that the Preach1 Foundation is the source for the Lamb’s book of life, for those who’ll glorify God will have a self write-in to the Lamb’s book of life, bringing up the Tree of life for they’re both in the earth.

Scriptures to the Lamb's book of life
Preach1 Foundation office by relationship

Preach1 Unveils Our Future

There’s was no way to take off the veil over Romans 15:5-6 without God giving clarity to this prophecy of harmony blessing,  whereby if you’re not sick then I’m not sick, consequently if I’m sick you’re sick. But if we get to the tree of life, we both will get healed

Reveil the further
Either side of the river

Built To Last Thru Eternity

Its official saints;  if your name isn’t put into the Lamb’s Book of Life (by you), you shall be thrown into the lake of fire Ref:  See Rev 20:15

Them who'll glorify God
Preach1 Foundation Bible

Here is where the body of Christ lands their glory on the ground to glorify God. Once all the verses of the Bible are taken we’ll be given an itinerary to sync with all others in the glorifing ordinance of the Bible ~ Romans 15:5-6.  You will not need to re-sync if you cane via the Lamb’s book of life signup.

A 21st Century Prophecy

Installable Bible verses are now in the 21st Century, this is mandated from God that the saints well have an honor position to glorify Him. The pathway is now open for God to be glorify by His Consent (Rom 15:5-6). This answered prophecy doubles over into the Lamb’s book of life.

The Book of life
This book is in the earth for signing your name in it lest you’ll be thrown in the lake of fire via Rev 21:15.

Many are surprised that the Lamb’s Book of Life is in the earth awaiting their write in entry ~ see Rev 22:19. As prophecies of the Bible unveil before our eyes, give God the glory! To get a prophecy that only you can comprehend, and be God’s first line preacher/distributor to the saints of God. These wonders are thru such a rewarding relationship with God. When the anointing matches your character with God’s Word of knowledge, the prophecy brings the strength to you for invading the earth with God’s good news!

You tell me, how was anyone going to see your good works and glorify your God (Matt 5:16) if you didn’t ask them to join you? Answer

For A Miracle

Its is further noted that miracles are apart of the believers will. As a believer, we fail to walk with details about good things left for us as sons in Christ Jesus. So many things are puzzling with the many doctrines to be discovered in our communities. This short video (90 seconds) is to get you in the space of your next or first miracle from God; see short video How ever you’ll need a relationship with God by pledging to stand with the saints who’ll participate in Romans 15:6 of Glorifiers.

P.S. do not share your methods but supply/sell your goods to others.

The Preach1 Foundation hope to leave you with a sound report to the will that was left for us in the Bible of God’s Word. We welcome your donations and thank you in advance.

Its Time To Name Aborted Children!

Women who challenged aborting children are left with a despair of grief to cope with through life. The Word of God offers all of us a way to be delivered from the sins of His Children,  but will this bring a null effect when we think on it, dream of it, or running from jail time? After repenting, did one get fit to minister to another following along our same old path of solutions?

How does a mother get a fitting for wholeness in dignity after repenting for a sin?  If a mother was truly happy with her deliverance from God, can the mother be assured of no reactions of inhibits operating through life?

Now that there’s a reciprocating way that brings glory to God through Romans 15:6. By joining the crowd of Glorifiers on God’s Day to be Glorified is now offered through the Preach1 Day Ministry!


Mystery Of Mansions: John 14:2

The Pathway To Your Mansion On Earth:

To show claity in the scripture at John 14:2
Rooms and mansion living in God

How the living gets a room(s) in a mansion of God’s House.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.  1Tim 4:8 The Rebirth.

We are the ministry that’s called from Heaven to show man how to exit false teaching that there are housing for use in a transit Heaven for the dead in Christ.  Man is forever in spirit and after death our spirit waits to be judged, and judged to the next wound portal of blood, and water of a spirit mother! We are sent back into Earth, serving in countless mists of time periods through a female women child who was returned to Earth years earlier, before your coming into Earth.  It’s by this wide margins of woman classifications of heavenly mothers or hellish mothers, these are the mothers who makes purpose for a rebirth.

Understanding the mystery of John 14: 2  it is edified and given to the Preach1 Foundation as a phantom to prophecy for such a time in 21St Century. Mansions in my Father’s House, this is an outward expression for all spirits of God that collects into man,  as mention in John 14:17, which gives us the grace to understand where the Lord is and how he may use our spirits to commune in us.

The Preach1 Foundation offers such a way to have a solid unveiled resource with your name plus your selected Bible verse.  Having the above assembled together, is your openly hanging document for a room (not to place inside of a book).  We are to keep in mind that God’s House in furnished from Earth to Heaven. The below document would be your first viewable Mansion in Earth with hopes of adding other rooms.

However, there is a requirement; you must be a registered partner with the Preach1 Foundation and dedicated to take up your cross and follow Christ who Glorified God!  Join us by registering a scripture in the Bible. After you’ve completed your Preach1 Registration you will be able to start your 2 step process for your documented Mansion, please click on my document below after your registration signup for publishing.