Love For God

Are Christians understanding God’s principal thing? The Bible was delivered to us in scripture format order & must be returned back to God in order, via one voice without voids! Man would have to follow such order of Romans 15:6 if man will ever glorify God with lips of heart. Such order of delivery must be of an established office monitor, just as those who bind and printed the first paper pages of our Bible books. We at the ‘Preach1 Foundation’ believes that we’re living in the time we are to give Romans 15:6 its honor to glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is man’s moment to prepare his registration in such quest from our God who will hear His Word beyond Heaven’s Gates! We call this sect Preach1 Day. Visit our signup link

A Chosen Generation

This may be the first time you ever heard that none have glorified God and there are no witnesses who ever testified to God’s expressions once He’s glorified by man. The behavior of God is surely given at His great rejoicing, when He’s being glorified from Earth! See: John 12: 28-30

We (believers) are one in Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that we will complete the assignment to come to God. Transport to the Father is waiting our obedience. The place called Paradise is in the mist of God; Rev 2:7. This pass through is made possible after the Father is glorified (John 14: 11-13). If our generation doesn’t complete the glorify to Father God (Romans 15:6),  you will return  through water and spirit of remedial works. Let us run to the ‘good news gospel’ of the  Preach1 Foundation, its itinerary is for a granted assembly of the Lord to glorify God in our generation of the living body!

Take a position  and help spread knowledge of the Spirit. this will help with good will toward man.

Talk It Up!

But have you prepared in truth that holds fair with sound doctrine and with unveiled faces (2 Corinthians 3:18)?  Our God and His Son Jesus Christ is wanting and waiting to receive us in harmony and unity blessings for over 2000+ years, these grant offering starts with your destiny here  to join here>


Hearken to One-Voice

The day is coming where we can no more manage the increased calamities (knowing you wont), but before that day comes signup by preparing to glorify God and recover in His offered grant to those who’ll glorify God by His written word at  Romans 15:5-6

Calamity comes when you’re purchased by the blood of Jesus but walks or talk in denial to Jesus orders (follow me orders). Those that denies Jesus before man so shall Jesus deny them before his Father which voids your prayers in life!



Your Itinerary Into God’s Ears

Jesus left the family in care of his Father’s one voice, that blood purchased believers would recite/sing a verse(s) in his honor (being that believers are in Christ Jesus) on a day called Preach1 Day  This day is given the itinerary below for the assembly order in one accord per land.


In Care of The Vine of One Voice


Messenger of the LORD: Larry Denson
Mail to: 25900 Greenfield, STE. 326 Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-802-1900, 248-569-8585

Honor1: Signup at
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Greeting to all the houses of the Lord, I am sending this notice of victory to you for joining the many who are on set to glorify God on purpose with us! Omitting this letter will bring havoc to your house. My house stands today because of my obedience to notify those who have called out to the Lord in vein.
In this letter, I bring to your attention; no blood purchased child of God have completed the assignments of glorifying God by Word of Romans 15:6. This commission is now in today’s window of subjects to be adhered to. The conformation of this sect was initiated in the old testament in Exodus 24:3 as we see below, it was also forwarded to the new testament at Romans 15:6 for a delivery of one voice, again!
You are asked to give reverence to the house of the Preach1 Foundation. This is the house of records, that holds those accountable in every land(s) given to man. This decree is for none voided voices of a human Bible, who shall recite/sing every scripture into God’s Ears in Heaven, at once! Signup yourself and neighbors for the greatest commission of honor in our time! or

Understanding the one voice of God’s Word, how its used as courage when voicing into re-newed strength! Prepare for your grant (Romans 15:5) with a vow to stay in Jesus plan which glorifies the Father!

Documented Letter: Letter to Churches 2018

Starting your greater works plan

At some point we must say to ourselves “I done my best”. But when it comes to God, did I finish the work, or was I a hinder to what God really wanted, if not where is the line of echelon?

Join the greatest work of the Bible [ glorify God by His Word]. Join us with God’s plan for you.

Take Your Post, Everybody

As a Messenger of the LORD I’m sent to establish the foundation of moral character in the land(s), letting God’s people know that none have glorified God by His written word in Romans 15:6. And how we may go about doing this, that God shall be glorified by His Word. I, Larry Denson with the Preach1 Foundation hold such office of accuracy for the one voice of God’s Word, that no subjects written for mankind will be returned to Him void.