Blood work completed?

Your blood transfusion thru Jesus Christ will never be completed until you have started your destiny to glorify God by His written Word

Testing positive for John 12:40 is knowledge, letting you know that you have work to do in the body Christ. We can overcome the matter by answering the call of John 14:13, and participate in Romans 15:5-6 for the antidote. Not everyone will find it necessary to take a position of a Bible verse or see it as a healing balm for God to establish them as whole.

The gated verse of John 14:13 is guarded from those who can’t handle the truth to this very day.

It was never meant for you to reach the other side of Romans 15:6! But once there, you’ll later discover that it was only those who that said they loved God, but was hindering you from preparing your breakthrough! Let no one prolong God’s wish to be glorified His way via Romans 15:6.  Christ Jesus is waiting us from John 14:13