Don’t miss your call!

In Eph 4:4 we get knowledge to know that we have an assignment to carry out as people of God. To the many Christians who’ve passed up their calling, later they’ll be diagnosed with deficiencies, many time it’ll be called bad health challenges for not acknowledging their purpose. In John 14:13, a laid-out path comes to them who optioned away from Jesus’ directive to glorify his Father, this is the direct way to call off sickness or finding themselves hopeless with illnesses. Click the picture below, for Godsakes then you will not die based on the doctor’s diagnosis!

Purpose in your heart today, this health cure will establish you in good health. The people of God are always under the thumb of our adversary and needing to fight with words to the Lord, getting through our encounters with demon spirits, who want to evade our territory pathways. We abort their missions through prayer and following God’s plans for us:

Rather Be Wealthy

I want to be wealthy in my outreach to Father God’s people, that I may give some my wisdom from God. Being anointed is my greater request with discernment of the people in my mist needing help, this is my first task. I often need to know who is worthy of a hand of blessings with collage scholarships, placement in programs, living quarters, jobs requiring care, etc.

I want no end to the ways I can help those who are in need of Father God’s Blessings. I, as God’s Bank of Resources, I will have intakes portals for those asking for help from city to city.

I believe everybody should have a ‘Signature Bible Scripture‘ in heart. I have spent over a decade to find those who would dedicated time to having proof of a certificate of deed to one of God’s Mansions. A Certificate Of Deed; is a document drafted up by the Preach1 Foundation. It’s a surety holding that brings God’s Face inside of your arsenal. We’ll send out your Certificate Of Deed within days of applying. This will be your proof and the authenticity to pledge ‘God be Glorified’ by Romans 15:6.

My wealth is made up of people who joins me in the assembly of ‘God be glorified’ by Romans 15:6. I thank God for keeping me strong in the development of the Preach1 Ministry with finances and good health in my body. It is a honor to carry the ministry to many lands via web technology and onsite public appearances as we go forth in the world.