A People’s Theme

No man has glorified God since Jesus Christ fulfilled his Cup over 2000 years ago. The 21 century comes in with God’s selecting this man and divinely anointed ‘Larry Denson with His authority to grow His People in the Preach1 Foundation’ leading the nations to His UN-Forsaken Assembles where God is glorified by mankind. Larry Denson has became a living soul inside of Romans 15:6 for the duty of God’s Wishes to be glorified on a day called Preach1Day. Blessings to all who follows through Larry’s letters and his most a prized piece of paper: Preach1 itinerary.

A Wonder To Man

To glorify God; this has always been a wonder to Man. It was not until the 21st Century of Mankind,  a way was made to glorify God in our present state of lost (distance from God) in the Earth.  The generation of Man is given a first time to grasp the opportunity to glorify God by His written Word (Romans 15:6)! The Take-Away from this is to live in harmony with each other, a mind set to love thy neighbor as thy self. Just in the word ‘harmony’ alone, it has many pouts of ventures to enrich Man’s life.  As believers in God we must now mount up the Men, Women, Toddlers and head to the um-forsaken assembly of reckoning, where Man’s voice meet God’s Ears in Heaven,  glorifying God together, unanimously!

The Bible never gives us an assured notice that God would ever be glorified by our generation of those in Christ Jesus, but leaves this ‘If’ statement at John 13:32 for a heads-up.

Now that a certain release of power is expected from Romans 15:5, it shall also summons a timeline bringing a fearless opponent to our landmark(s). If the people move in slothfulness, not reaching their neighbors to pledge by God’s expressed works in Romans 15:6, which assures He’ll be glorified from Earth or Man will meet the opponent (God’s Enemy) face to face!