Are you over churched & under worked?

Let’s take up our cross and glorify God at once!

The cross, being a word of God’s Word. Where all men have rights to take up their cross (bible verse(s)) for delivery of voice into God’s Ears. Remembering the assignments to where at least one verse will be recited by each believer in duty to glorify God at the gathering of ‘The Glorify’.

Looking to glorify God at your church, it’ll never happen. For the ways of God’s consent is without vanity among the religious, which are impartial by denominations, even though all know that God’s Word is solid for use. To glorify God is a public work with likeminded believers in assembly to recite.

Paradise is a house of God’s mansions, know this day if you’re going to follow Jesus there or be led by men who points the way. However, don’t bypass the gathering at ‘The Glorify’ of Romans 15:6.

It may occur to some, that Christians may have been around too long, in the face of everyone but the Lord. You may begin to think, perhaps it’s time to build a relationship with God by the quakes felt in your stomach when the Lord calls you.

You may be a member in a growing church, but you are destined for a greater call than what you’re doing for the Lord.  When you know that it’s time, also make sure that you’re ready to break free, and jump into the bosom of Jesus, there will be work waiting your gospel outreach. Once you are called, don’t let the wheel cage stop before getting off, but jump off, letting nothing hold you back, this time!

Jesus asked us (disciples) to participate in ‘The Glorify’ of Romans 15:6: that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

In closing remarks, when the church really loves Jesus, here’s what people would do to show transparence across all members to Glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ at Romans 15:6, until God speaks from Heaven to Earth base on John 12:28.  There will be those who are granted to live in God’s harmony/unity (away from violence, tragedies and persecutions) can do so as offered by Romans 15:5.

The Making of Preach1Bible

Can we summarize another bible version in the making of the 21st Century? All I can say is “God is not done with mankind” and gives this unfinished work for us to believe at Romans 15:5-6, which shall glorify our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ at the mouths of those reciting God’s one-voice into Heaven.

We set out to find 50 wise, straight and holy man who would help put a decent and in order Holy Bible together. The way to go about it has been the way to publish a bible. After twenty years passed, only a very few have tossed in their hat to help in this momentous opportunity to publish a Holy Bible.

God knowing the heart of the publisher and gave a fresh word to go another way in the pursuit to publish a Holy Bible. Please watch the 2-minute movie clip to see if you like to get involved.

Now that we have a spiritual impartment of how Holy Bibles are publish by those of dedication and wisdom. This brings us to Romans 15:5, it is God’s way to express a grant of harmony living, those who will move to glorify Him, are placeholders in this verse. Wisdom tells us that not every Christian, Muslim, nor every Jew or Gentile will follow through to the end and be named in the great togetherness to glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ at Romans 15:6. Ensure you are included in this assembly at Your entry is priceless.

A living T-Shirt



One-Voice Grand Finale

I come to you in my given powers and strength of our Lord Christ Jesus, that you may not miss your chance to glorify God and live to tell of it. Jesus’ offer is this; that He’ll do whatever you ask of Him (based on John 14:13), that we will glorify His Father in Heaven.
This is an incitive to glorify God by scripture on a day called Preach1 Day.

This post is notice that God has never been glorified by the consent given by the scripture of Romans 15:5-6. The prophecy was divinely given to a man of God; named Larry Denson, who started this ministry and called it the Preach1 Foundation and published the website at for all to learn of him and the mission to get God glorified by one-voice.

The ministry brough on the challenge to make all scriptures available in the bible, for a cluster of links to pair 31102 people names to a bible verse. God gives His grant of harmony/unity to hold a position with those who’ll prepare for the Grand Finale to Glorify God’s One-voice.

This word that we preach to glorify God is by God’s consent given in the bible, it’s not popular on the pulpits of our churches yet, but as it comes to light by those of us who understand Romans 15:6, and these ones won’t brake rank for lesser matters, but follow through the calling to be God’s Glorifiers.

To glorify God is the highest bar, even over the bar to love God. Those wanting God to have more of them are asked to join us to Glorify God. You may sign up at

The grant that God has for the Glorifiers is in Romans 15:5 and their duties is at Romans 15:6. We know of no other scriptures giving with consent to mankind to glorify God in the new covenant.