What’s First With Preach1

Let’s summarize the bible, as it is leading us to choose from a 2-column list. One column will list those who’ll live in mansions with Christ Jesus (John 14:3), the other column lists the names of those who’ll be thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15). Now that the prophecy of truth is understood (mansions = scriptures), it brings measure to Romans 15:5-6 for those desiring to live in harmony and unity together to glorify God’s One-voice.

It was only Jesus who asked his disciples to glorify his Father in Heaven (John 14:13). In this 21st generation we were touched with resources in mind, body and spirit to do the will of the Lord. The mission has begun under the Preach1 Foundation, who is honoring the Lord’s call with this ministry.

Let’s take it from the top. The Preach1 Ministry is a nested place on the web to meet within the mind of Christ, to glorify the God Head by God’s one-voice. A gathered assembly, offering themselves to recite all 31,102 bible verses into God’s Ears at once (2 minutes). This is our extol by the consent to glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ at Romans 15:6

The next opportunity in the Preach1 Ministry is to send the message; how not to get yourself caught in the wrath of God’s Lake of fire. No generation have reported that they’ve seen the book of life for hundreds of years. Your name written inside the Preach1 Foundation is a consideration for the book of life. God is going to search, finding those not written in His book of life, then throwing them into the Lake of fire (Revelations 20:15).

Before being accountable to the Lake of fire, make an entry into the Preach1 Foundation, it’s your proof that you will be a credited member of Romans 15:5-6. It will offer you a passageway to unity via KJV publications and the word ‘harmony’ is used via ESV publications. For harmony and unity is liken to a gated community, but in accord with the Lord, Christ Jesus.

Let it also be known that the Preach1 mission is not a pillar for our prayers, worship, nor praise, but first a reverence to the only Holy God in the universe.

Let’s try to give an understanding for our ministry works. If Jesus was on one end of the city’s block and you were on the opposite end, the walk to where Jesus is waiting on you, would be your reverence to Jesus. This is captured in the Preach1 Ministry, that God’s true believers will come the distance to glorify God at Romans 15-6.

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