God wants an echo right-back.

I’ll keep this post really simply for those who have too much religious jargon rolling around in their heads and may not be able to see revelations in Kingdom movements. This letter is to share the new covenant of divine pathways of God’s Word with details as purposed.

We uprise ourselves as forerunners to deliver what the Lord ask of his disciples in John 14:13 reading: And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son., Which is the actions of Romans 15:5-6; reading:  May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. And therefore, we ask you to join us in God’s consent to be glorified from Earth to Heaven. By adding your name with any scripture for reciting into God’s Ears. This action will be your participation in the will for John 14:13. Go now and write yourself into God’s twofold will. In just a few days we will send you a certificate of proof for anyone looking for your name, written in the ‘ book of life’ in heaven or on earth.

To be saved from God’s Wrath is so feared, that 98% of church goers will not ask their pastor’s how they can be saved from the wrath of God. Most clergy wouldn’t know and may say to you ” only repent” without further details and because they never possess or even seen a Lamb’s book of life for a final requirement to be saved. According to Revelation 20:15 reading; 15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. This verse is the and-all-be-all way to be saved from the wrath of God.

With our guidance, the Preach1 Foundation will bridge you over troubled waters. A live act of allegiance to God will be your throughway into God’s Rest. We’re asking that you take this moment in servitude and write your name in the Preach1 Bible of scriptures. Having this proof of being prepared to go with the Lord at paradise (Mansions of Holy Scriptures) is the most armer you’ll ever need for everlasting life with Christ.

For generations long ago, early man was never given the answer to Romans 15:5-6 until now, with new knowledge for the 21st Century, bringing new discoveries with pathways to step into order of the given prophecy to glorify God, which was spoken to this generation in detail at the face of the Preach1 Foundation. Let me be frank in regard to salvation; God said He’s going to throw those into the lake of fire who were not found in the book of life. Being nonresponsive to sound doctrine is the doubter’s way to populate Hell. God’s Lake of fire is already set ablaze according to Rev 20:15. All that’s needed to void God wrath is to write your name next to God’s Word (any scripture) and you will be unanimous for the task when your name is called.

If you have a love for God, you will notice that there will be a heavy weighted spirit that comes over you to write your name with God’s Word, but also know that Satan will be God’s contender at that very moment, bringing the choice to you to choose which of them are you going to believe! Satan knows that no proof is needed for those believing the devil, but God’s requirements are surely asking for our proof of belonging to Him, without it, you will be thrown to the lake of fire, having Satan as your witness.

You can take notice from believers, God’s people will always be focused on a lighted pathway, while the people of Satan move in low-lighted places to offer up sins for their keep’s sake in mischief.

In the old covenant man was to bring a sin offering to earn his place in God’s peace, where the new covenant resolves matter in repentance in Jesus’s name. Now, in Revelations we read that there is a shift to all sins and their repentance, by having salvation coming presence by your write in at the book of life. The following link is reserved for writing yourself into the lamb’s book of life.

How Long would It Take You to Get This Message?

If you believe that you can grasp the message given here in two minutes, you are very smart. However, saving your soul wasn’t given to the swift, but to whosoever will. We should know that the name ‘ Preach1 Foundation Ministry’ is an established prayer to God, its name is not found in the word of God, but as for that matter the name ‘Holy Bible’ isn’t listed there either. Both entities are labored in faith for a consideration of an assembly of God’s people, that will hold together for gospel purposes.

In short, we are all on the line for meeting up with the wrath of God’s actions, this is why we search for those who didn’t know the whole matter of being saved from the lake of fire and why this public site is the assurance to be safe and placed with Jesus who have prepared away to be with us and saying, “that where I am, there ye may be also.”. Amen.

P.S. There will be no greater dollar donated than the ones given as a seed sown to the Preach1 Holy Bible of scriptures. Preach1Bible.com



Show the way, send me Lord

With all things loved, you may give to God, and still, it wouldn’t match a gift His lovers bring to glorify Him. Amen somebody!

Currently the Preach1 Foundation is the only ministry that logs your proof of being qualified to be named inside the Lamb’s book of live, where those believing God’s Wrath will know not to omit the call of the spirit to write themselves inside and do honors on earth to void facing Revelation 20:15, the lake of fire!

You too can believe somethings should be put away on your behalf, things like a profile about who you are on paper, your books, letters, achievements and other things, just as God did with His Ark of the covenant. The most important item would be one’s certificate into the Lamb’s book of life, it’s a document of participation to meet requirements of not needing to be thrown into the Lake of fire.

Under the Preach1 Ministry Foundation, a beholding is given to the consideration of a public intake for God’s people everywhere, and this work carries the weight of entry into the Lamb’s book of life. Some may ask ” what makes Preach1 so above writing their name in a Holy Bible”, it’s because we offer the Preach1 publication as a log where all scriptures are nesting for intake.

When you get power to ignite idling people of God, you will gain strength by reading God’s Word and listening for His call, at times it will take you to a standoff with bottom feeders who makes their living by hiding, catching and eating swampy meals.

When you read historical records of God’s Word and see a cause and effect that never met the mines of God’s people, but you, you received the dormant message left for interpretation that only you can bring to light. The interpreter must know that they are the prophet for this time. Their work ahead would be tested by many side-bar naysayers to no-end, they will lurk to see you fall.

I myself am convinced, my brothers and sisters, you may never come face to face with a pastor who can assure you that you won’t be thrown into the lake of fire, the Preach1 Foundation is here to deliverer you from the wrath of God at Rev 20:15. Sign in here:

What’s First With Preach1

Let’s summarize the bible, as it is leading us to choose from a 2-column list. One column will list those who’ll live in mansions with Christ Jesus (John 14:3), the other column lists the names of those who’ll be thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15). Now that the prophecy of truth is understood (mansions = scriptures), it brings measure to Romans 15:5-6 for those desiring to live in harmony and unity together to glorify God’s One-voice.

It was only Jesus who asked his disciples to glorify his Father in Heaven (John 14:13). In this 21st generation we were touched with resources in mind, body and spirit to do the will of the Lord. The mission has begun under the Preach1 Foundation, who is honoring the Lord’s call with this ministry.

Let’s take it from the top. The Preach1 Ministry is a nested place on the web to meet within the mind of Christ, to glorify the God Head by God’s one-voice. A gathered assembly, offering themselves to recite all 31,102 bible verses into God’s Ears at once (2 minutes). This is our extol by the consent to glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ at Romans 15:6

The next opportunity in the Preach1 Ministry is to send the message; how not to get yourself caught in the wrath of God’s Lake of fire. No generation have reported that they’ve seen the book of life for hundreds of years. Your name written inside the Preach1 Foundation is a consideration for the book of life. God is going to search, finding those not written in His book of life, then throwing them into the Lake of fire (Revelations 20:15).

Before being accountable to the Lake of fire, make an entry into the Preach1 Foundation, it’s your proof that you will be a credited member of Romans 15:5-6. It will offer you a passageway to unity via KJV publications and the word ‘harmony’ is used via ESV publications. For harmony and unity is liken to a gated community, but in accord with the Lord, Christ Jesus.

Let it also be known that the Preach1 mission is not a pillar for our prayers, worship, nor praise, but first a reverence to the only Holy God in the universe.

Let’s try to give an understanding for our ministry works. If Jesus was on one end of the city’s block and you were on the opposite end, the walk to where Jesus is waiting on you, would be your reverence to Jesus. This is captured in the Preach1 Ministry, that God’s true believers will come the distance to glorify God at Romans 15-6.

God’s Wrath Is Heating Up!


The Preach1 Foundation will publish its Lamb’s Book of Life at the end of each month. without delay, get your bible verse included in this book before missing out on this month’s publication. Once a bible verse is taken it won’t be available again unless you buy it separately from the free plan.

Printing Bible
How Saints are add to the Preach1 Bible.

Holding up, without a prophet?

It’s not a secret when you’re obedient

Why and how did disciples get to the 21st century bypassing Jesus Christ message to glorify his Father in heaven at John 14:13? We find throughout the bible that ruins occur when men dismissed God’s Word of knowledge. No assembly has glorified God according to Romans 15:6, and why this is our key foundation and chance to glorify God by asking His people to join us in a one voice glorify. With these words and works from the prophet of God, let it be written and established for partaking of Jesus Christ command to his disciples everywhere, click how to join the words given here, (Romans15-6.com).

The world is getting deeper and deeper into chaos as Christians are missed lead on their pathway to find God and following Christ to get there. But many of times lured away by their church! God has appointed those who’ll head His Church via 1 Corinthians 12: 28 And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, helping, administrating, and various kinds of tongues. Some of the very appointed members listed above may have individual set aside ways, adding to the chaos we’re dealing with in today’s world.

The Preach1 Ministry believe that a good church would offer a reverence in knowledge, by not leaving the items below as a minor practice or their bucket list of items they’ll get to one day.

A Good Church

  1. Members named in the Book of Life.
  2.  Knowing steps to glorify God’s one voice.
  3. That no worship is done without bowing down.
  4. Receiving rewards stored in heaven.
  5. Knowing the difference between glory and glorify.
  6. Calculated measures for victory in all fronts of defense.

Must mankind continue to miss out on understanding of quality living that comes with holiness or be as the others who wonder why death-defying weather condition exists over lands. Where too many practice a wicked living, giving no glory to give God. Such lands may have to come through disasters on their accounts of ignorance’s on the wicked.

Let’s take football, where one praying player can start a movement that gets the Lord’s attention to weigh in on the game. Once the Lord comes into the subject, a judgement call will take place between teams. When the Lord gets involved, the results will be a discretion of holiness, in measure of all members/management/owners/etc. The team having a better relationship with the Lord is better fit to be the next winners.

Detangling the Mind, Body and Spirit

Let us as the people of God know that the Master have made every unmatched delima to fit what was once our tango-ments in mind, body and spirit. Hebrew 8:10 reads: I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts.
Devices of evil may come, but none are able to snatch us out of the Lord’s hand. It’s only God who’ve made great consensus for behalf of His people for a good expected end.

We have God’s Word assuring us that the new covenant is better than the old covenant because it has better promises (Hebrew 8:6). And it gets better at Romans 15:5, by following the consent given to glorify God at Romans 15:that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, this verse acted out, will glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The ordinance to glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Preach1 Ministry ” ask you to ‘ join together with those who’ll work the 2-minute ordinance by reciting God’s one-voice via Romans 15:6. Participator may live in harmony/unity with Christ Jesus via Romans 15:5′, join us!

This is an incitive to glorify God by scripture on a day call Preach1 Day


GOD, who can not lie.


The truth is, God is going to throw Christians into the Lake of Fire for not having their name written in the book of life, according to Revelation 20: 15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

It’s a phenomenon because people are waiting death to find out that God will do what He said He’ll do. Our only hope is that God has a ram in the bush, and that a ram may be what is named the Holy Bible, having purchased one for your library (not those given to you) write your name inside for a seed (you) sown to grow in truth in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a seed sown into new covenant people. We know this by Hebrew 8: 10 This is the covenant I will establish with the people of Israel after that time, declares the Lord.
I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. 

The Preach1 Ministry ensures you of having your name in the lamb’s book of life with a certificate of honor, beholding a scripture to your name on purpose and with proof. Your name in the Preach1 Ministry is placed on a digital publication medium, with powers to go beyond paper backups.

By dwelling in the Spirit of God, no real Christian could bypass the opportunity to write their name where God’s Word is packaged in their own library (empowered by Hebrew 8:10). Only those committed can be counted by taking an initiative to login on this front of recognition and preparation to God’s Call to duty.

No pastors can give you proof that Christians under their leadership won’t be thrown into the lake of fire (according to Rev 20:15). Pastors, bishops and teachers in the United States are not privileged to even lay sight on such a book.  And if there is a ram in the bush-plan from God, then we must believe the Preach1 Foundation is mankind’s hope into God’s glory. Amen.

When You Hear the Call…

Today Could Be Your Final Day

When you hear the call from heaven or read it in the earth, don’t stop its movement, but finish as disciples would. Only real disciples can hear or see the call from Romans 15:5-6.  However, if you do hear it or read it in the cry-out files, follow it, it will bring you the strength that’s needed for the journey ahead with the Lord. Take up your Cross (A Word from God) and come prepared for duty, we’re going to glorify God! The opportunity knocks below. Your place of refuge is here.Anyone who’s able to see themselves in the big picture of the LORD’S Harmony is welcome to join us in the ‘Likeminded’ at Romans 15:5-6.

In the precedence of life as a Christian, few of them will prepare to save themselves from the lake of fire. According to Revelation 20:15 a day is coming where unlisted people will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. God can not lie, why finding ways to have one’s name inside the ‘Book of Life’ is our first preservation.

The work of the Preach1 Foundation is our pathway to hope, after the dismissing of the Book of Life, for an exchanged version for a Holy Bibles instead. Ensure your name is listed! 

Even though the Bible is the most published book in the world, many people are still unsure about what it says you can or cannot do. And sometimes, what leadership says isn’t quite right. Being in the know of getting your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life is one of them. Many teachers in the church banned their members from seeking the Book of Life to write their name inside of it, even though they’re technically not in order because no one seen a Book of Life in centuries of civil times, countries who logged in as having such a book warred to keep it. This is one reason the Preach1 Foundation have made a covenant with God, holding a place in scripture with believers to a bible verse.

How Far is Close Enough?

After Jesus gave his word to his disciples at John 14:13, it seen to have gone into every man’s bucket-list. Even to this day, the initiative to carry out the order to glorify God the Father is a distance movement from reality, as if there was never a consent from the Lord to glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world would be dame without Romans 15:5-6 showing man how to have proof of participation in ‘The Glorify Assembly‘. Our cry out is to reach those who’ll recite 1 of 31,102 bible verses in a public assemble, giving light to God’s One-voice to be Glorified. God is waiting to hear from mankind, now that the prophet (Larry Denson of the Preach1 Ministry) has been called out for duty in this 21st century.

We ask you to be someone that no one could explain for thousands of years passed. Jesus gave us the ordinance to follow through with a Glorify to Father God (John14:13). For years, man have taken on the belief that it was a side-bar work in the makings of good ideas. The action plan for this work to glorify God by God’s One-voice. Yet, all along it’s been a Word from God set in truth at Romans 15:5-6 reading; Romans 15:5-6 May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ ESV Bible.  This day (Today) is prepared for you to do what Jesus Christ asked of us and this is why the Preach1 Foundation has come with the answer of proof, by registering to be a Glorifier (one who have prepared to glorify God when the assembly comes together). As a registrant, we’ll be able to partake in the harmony/unity of Romans 15:5 in accord with Christ Jesus. This approach may be one of our exits from Christians who’ll suffers at 1 Peter 4:16. Now there’s proof of entry for those called to come together and glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps the chart below will have the missing parts that you’ve been looking for.

Contrast of good measures
The diff between glorify and glory


Correcting Church Flaws

We’ve come to a time where people were once hungry to get a word from God. We were depended on our apostles and teachers (now called pastors, bishops etc.) to tell us the ways to holiness, but somewhere we’ve ran into a worldly act of pretentiousness in our churches. As the bible gives the order to worship by first bowing down, then saying the words to extol our God (Rev 7:12). This also indicated that people wouldn’t be standing up when worshiping God but bowed down, however the church would have the congregation standup to worship God.

To praise God, one would be lifted up shuffling dancing in their praising to God of victory. Let the passage at 1Chronicles 20:20 below, show us through the ordinance of reverence, pray, worship, prophecy, and then praises of victory.