New Covenant: Hedge of Protection

Thank God You Made It Here

In the Bible, Christians weren’t given clearance for a hedge of protection (1Peter 4:16). Saints are sent thru Romans 15: for God’s protection orders. This part of the bible is not preached on pulpits, synagogues or streets. Please allow us to take you through this truth of protection. This non casual act of duty comes with Jesus, asking his disciples¬† to glorify his Father in heaven (John 14:13). It comes without details from Jesus, but Jesus gave the important of why this would be a command for his disciples to carry out.

We find the Saints to be in order for God’s protection order, this group of people have defied the fear of reciting a word of God in public view and would do so even if Satan asked them to do so!

Fear this
Christians fearing

Let’s go to our place of living as Saints, we got our protection by being one who challenged fear at the progression to glorify our God by one voice as given at Romans 15:6. The difference between the Christian and the Saint is; The Christian will glorify God at death (John 21:19) whereby the Saint will follow through Romans 15:5-6 to glorify God and live to tell others.

It's Your Move
God’s Grant Gated Community.

God’s servant ‘Job’ proved his worthiness, we can too. Go meetup (sign up) with those who’ll recite a bible verse in public with¬† other Saints of harmony and unity: Romans