The Mission: Get God Glorified

People honoring God simultaneously

Mission 1: Taking from the spirit of God, then over laying it on mankind through Jesus Christ, to facilitate  a continuity with man who shell seek God’s Face (known as a bible) to love and express man’s outer body to relevance God.

In all our messages, we are working to bring people of God to a oneness, that together we may glorify God’s one voice at once through our signup link:

Without the Lord giving the wisdom to enlighten the minds of man, leading us to glorify God without ceilings, there wouldn’t be a way to glorify God’s One Voice.

Love identified by one voice
Preach1 Day in action

The Hesitant Clergy

Calling Out All Pastors

Come glorify God, all of us together.

You could be a marvel however, when I call on the Black Pastors, they generally give me a resistant word to comeback the mission to glorify God by God’s consent word at Romans 15:6 (reading: that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. ) and they overlook the verse above it at Romans 15:5 (reading: May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus,) offering a reward for those who do so. But one day they are going to wish they had taken up his cross and followed Jesus, who glorified the Father at Matt 12:28. My brothers, you may want to stop thinking that good works will glorify God’s name but, the only way to glorify God, is given to us at Romans 15:6.

You ever notice that I do a lot of posting about Rom 15:6, it’s because I’m letting all know that they are also guilty by knowing the truth, but they pass up the truth for their many resistant words.

Remember or know that you are not asked to glorify God by another Pastor, but one who is sent as a Shepherd.

Go to our site at and click Join us button, now take up your cross there by selecting a book, chapter and a verse, when click your country name to pair your name profile with your selected verse and you’re done. Only wait a few days for your certificate to show in the mail.

Religious spoofing was active since 1805

Sorry if I spoofed tons Black people, regarding the publishing of my Holy Bible called the ‘Preach1Bible’, where signers name’s will list inside of its credit columns. This kind of enthusiasm is known to bring fear to Blacks. It’s a known inbred deterrent from the days where African Slaves were killed for deeds of this type of movement. However this message is not to filter out none Blacks nor Blacks who enjoy part taking in these biblical works. My challenge is; getting out my message to those who’ll fear not the high stakes of such love to God’s People. Join me there join us.

If you want to join us but, lives outside of the USA or Canada, enter your name and verse profile in the following form link. Afterwards we will append your input to the Preach1Bible after viewed by our office. Go to:

Preach1Bible to be published
New Holy Bible


The Movement in Matthews Chapter10

As we know that some paths we take on behalf of the Lord, could not be warranted by ‘They Sayers’ standards. It is good to have a visiting elder speak wisdom into your ears to comfort you. But some issues will push you out an a limb that’s never been taken before you. Once you are on the outskirts of your dreams some far reaching activities may come to mind, following your own free will may not be the right answer, the thought that the Lord only knows, may be your only way through.

Jesus gave believers a great incentive to turn keys in heaven by His disciples who were given the grace to bind and loose rewards from heaven. The graphic below is  a lead-in word binding document to follow for your placement in the kingdom. These are just some of the high stakes I wouldn’t pass up while seeking my high tower and my refuge.

Disciples Rewards in Heaven
Rewards in Heaven

This document was not made without divine discernment of the spirit and Matthews Chapter 10.

A Beholding to GOD’S People:

This ministry will not set a date or time for seating until all 31,102 bible verses are pared with someone’s name. Go to: for entry.

The Glorify
The day when God’s is glorified

Now that clarity of God’s one-voice has come to us. No one is to defy the knowledge given to His Shephard without recourse.

Getting Decent And in Order For GOD

I’m letting it be known that several thousands of years ago; content from the lamb’s book of life was replaced and/or removed, for another book known as a Holy Bible. The Bible is as close as we’ll get to God’s Word, discernment by each reader is require for our greater understanding. Doing the best you can with publications in use, populate the newest bible publication called the, sincerely copy and paste one verse (from any published bible) to the scripture you want to pare your name with a scripture for a glory to God in the next Bible publication. A certificate as seen below will be sent to the address used in your online profile. If you’re outside of the USA and Canada, complete form at www.

The Purpose For GOD

You Shall Know The Truth – Preach1 Day

It’s now critical that you know why opinions are not measured in glory, as God’s people, we are held to a standard. I am going to give you the keys to move in success in every direction you move in. We were given the purpose for Jesus. This purpose is published in books from Matthew through Revelations. But when asked; what is the purpose for God? There will always be a blank stare from  people.

It’s to glorify God by His creation; this being the answer, one may ask; how must we do this orderly from earth? The inspiring verse at Romans 15:5-6  brings a divine ordinance to believers. The Preach1 Foundation is our initiator for this purpose.

How to Glorify God
To Glorify GOD

This final conclusion of kingdom works, it will be honored for God’s best blessings. In the hearts and mouths of God’s Creations are believers to deliver a one-voice glorify to our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is our chance to echo God’s Word, right back into the Ears of God. From earth to heaven’s gates, our God shall be glorified. This ordinance is supported by Romans 15:6.

Let’s start here, please listen to the message spoken here in a short audio recording I’ve prepared for visitors.

We Glorify God
Saints positioning to glorify God in a stadium

Now that we know the purpose for God, is there anything that can detour your walk? With the readiness of a saint, move into harmony and unity with the Lord’s brothers and sisters ASAP!  With all the grace given, be prepared to glorify God among the living. Click: Start Here:

Guest work to glorify God?

Who could know?
Answer the question

Having the knowledge to glory God is powered from the mind of God (as it is for humans), we may never know what to hone in on from the new testament writings. However, if it’s not written in the scriptures, leaders of today will surely give you their thoughts without a recourse. The Preach1 ministry is not able to say how God can be glorified by living individual’s without God’s written consent to do so and by divine order. The Preach1 ministry finds Romans 15:6 to be the only place where instruction to glorify God is written for a work to be done with honors.