Truths You Ought To Know

All mankind living on earth since Jesus 1st birthday, are born Christian. We’ve come to give glory to God and some may glorify Him, with the others who are called Saints. The Preach1 Ministry have cloned Saturdays to be our day to evangelize in the community. In our preparedness we ask God’s People to select any available bible verse, log it into our online bible(, learn your selected verse to heart and on each Saturday go out and recite your verse to anyone in the public who’ll listen. Now this is only a fragment of what a Saint does to honor God, reverencing Romans 15:6. But, until we all come together to voice our verses as ‘One Human Bible’ ( and be witnessed in public, bringing a glorifying awareness to God’s Kingdom(Earth). And still, it’s always better to participate as a stand alone Saint, than to be left as a Christian(1Peter 4:16).

Dont deny God
Saints on River walk

People of God, foreign and domestic can join us on our sponsor page: Sponsor Please note;  any verse can be entered onto this form, but if the verse is taken in the final bible column, you are going to be called or emailed to make a small donation so we can make an update in our files for you.

Printing Bible
How Saints are add to the Preach1 Bible.

New Covenant: Hedge of Protection

Thank God You Made It Here

In the Bible, Christians weren’t given clearance for a hedge of protection (1Peter 4:16). Saints are sent thru Romans 15: for God’s protection orders. This part of the bible is not preached on pulpits, synagogues or streets. Please allow us to take you through this truth of protection. This non casual act of duty comes with Jesus, asking his disciples  to glorify his Father in heaven (John 14:13). It comes without details from Jesus, but Jesus gave the important of why this would be a command for his disciples to carry out.

We find the Saints to be in order for God’s protection order, this group of people have defied the fear of reciting a word of God in public view and would do so even if Satan asked them to do so!

Fear this
Christians fearing

Let’s go to our place of living as Saints, we got our protection by being one who challenged fear at the progression to glorify our God by one voice as given at Romans 15:6. The difference between the Christian and the Saint is; The Christian will glorify God at death (John 21:19) whereby the Saint will follow through Romans 15:5-6 to glorify God and live to tell others.

It's Your Move
God’s Grant Gated Community.

God’s servant ‘Job’ proved his worthiness, we can too. Go meetup (sign up) with those who’ll recite a bible verse in public with  other Saints of harmony and unity: Romans

Every Saturday is Preach1 Day

The wasted time in memorials using ‘a moment of silence’ is not working in these times of apathy. What we must do is make our salvation plain through Jesus Christ with fear and trembling, taking on a mission that we’ll glorify the Father in Heaven with our assignments that were given by Jesus Christ John 14:13.

May you be comforted with the scriptures operating in our gospel of the Preach1 Foundation. The ministry is built and honored by the viewing, hearing, truth and Christians participation  Romans 15:5-6.

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The truth about God and Him glorified

To glorify God was always a mis-understood call to order, that man couldn’t interpret this duty before the 21st century. Today, the living is given the challenged to carry out a ‘glorify order for God’ through Jesus Christ and using God’s one voice. The saints was confused of the work to glorify God until God showed a individual the ordinance work giving to the call such duty. After more than 2000 years later, God reveals the wisdom to glorify Him and anointed His man of God through the scripture at Romans 15:6. The order to glorify the Father was given to those in Christ Jesus at John 14:13.   But even then it would take time to come to the public with the underling prophecy of God’s one-voice. After giving the ordinance from the Lord in year 2000 it would still take 10 years later to lay the foundation for God’s people to move in the principles to glorify Him with a minimal of 31,102 saints in a crowd, reciting all bible verses of God’s Word given to mankind in bible form. The work that Jesus asked of the disciples can only be done in the light of day with witnesses, that God may speak audible from heaven to earth (based of John 12:28) as God have said that He’ll do it again when glorified again.

How to Glorify God
To Glorify GOD

All Battlefield Christians, glorifies God in their death (John 21:19) leaving a pass but no testimony afterwards.  But if we go by the way of Romans 15:6 we will have witnesses and a testimony of proof that we glorified God.

The Preach1 Ministry comes to bring the awareness to lands that the Lord is waiting his saints to glorify the Father in heaven now that we have the means through all scriptures, we may do so.

We ask that you register a bible verse in the Preach1Bible showing your support of a bible verse. You can install a verse at or at

The challenge

20st century Ark
Who will ride in the Ark of the 21st century?

You are being challenged to recite a Bible verse publicly at the seen of a free standing microphone and stand. Two minutes was the allowed time to preach/sing/act-out your verse, how well did you do, did anyone say Amen?

The challenge to glorify God by His Word including the verse that tells us how to glorify God at Romans 15:5-6 is in order here. Taking Romans 15:6 apart we found that there are 31,102 scriptures with verses for the bible as given to us for our edification to be in God’s perfect peace on planet earth.  As the reference goes to glorify God, we give a opening in preparedness to come away from earthly activities to express are faith to honor God at riverside places to recite a verse of God in the atmosphere, we are them who ensure God’s Word will be spoken from heart and not returning back to Him void. We believe God tags this assembly with a grant to begin in harmony to live as given at Romans 15:5 to these faithful ones.

You may ask where did the initiative come from, and when were men asked to glorify God by His name? Our response to this prophecy is set in stone, please read through our notes to glorify God below.

God’s Challenge

In the above message we like to ask you; when you praise God, did you have a hope that God see’s you?

We believe when we recite a Bible verse of God’s Word back to Him publicly outside (no walls or ceilings), He hears us with an offering of love. We further believe when the assembly of these one-voice preachers come and gather to speak, ‘this saith God’ that the Lord will surely be in the mist of them as a saving grace who perfects us from God’s Enemies. This is a sure break in the case ‘can you handle the truth’.


Preach1Day – Step Right Up

The great request
Who’ll  glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Read text below or click the audio play button to listen

The Preach1 Ministry has a work that we do every Saturday, it’s a day where we give our honor to God at riverside places. This reference that we do is to bring awareness to the very words Jesus Christ asked of the believers at John 14:13. We’re inviting you to participate in the very action of Romans 15:5-6, its a order given from Jesus to glorify God given at John 14:13 and by God’s written Consent to His People who understands what is being asked of us to glorify God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We make the knowledge known in our evangelism work where the Lord is waiting on us to glorify Father God at once.

We suggest all believers to stop at every sign requesting a duty to join the crowd of glorifiers who hangs in the balance to glorify God by His written Word, the Bible. The awareness to bring God’s People to this realization that the living has not carried out the order to glorify God together. This makes it hard to received our Christians order from Jesus, since many are in their religious segments of ministry, making it hard to seek knowledge to glorify God as prescribed by order.

Does God gets glorified before the growing Preach1 Day Glorifiers? Yes, God is glorified at the death of any battlefield saint, including Jesus Christ (John21:19). Our position in life is to stay on the Word given to us by our he Lord, that we may glorify God alive for the first time sense Jesus in the outside crowd, where Jesus asked the Father to glorify His Name at John 12:28.

CAUTION: It’s not safe knowing how God is to be glorified (Romans 15:6) and knowing that Jesus asked the believers to follow in it at John 14:13.  But if you decide to pass up the signs or assembly that is doing the work, a sin shall be accounted to you according to James 4 verse 17, it reads, So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. Thanks for visiting our blog.

Jesus won’t come for Flock1 leaving Flock2 behind

Jesus mission is to bring one Flock to the Father, but there are two Flocks, how so?

There are Bible verses having the ingredient to deliver man as studied, showing himself approved to be righteous in the Lord. The reward by this work is the healing of blinded eyes and harden heart ~ John 12:40. A sure strong delusion was issued to those of Flock#2/Last man/Jews.

The Preach1 Ministry is acquire into all lands to those who would be glorifiers of God. But once the people know how God is to be glorified by His Consent, they will reverence this Honor always. This is why we make the awareness to all people, for Romans 15:5-6 gives us the power to recite God’s one-voice together, simultaneously.

The day, we glorify our God, it is written that we must  glorify God together. Being together means all glorifiers must have vision through their eyes and a receptive heart for understanding God’s purpose for mankind.

The wait to come into full acceptance lays with the two verses above. The very holdup for Christ Jesus coming may be found in those of Flock#2/Last man/Jews.  If you know that a marginal place could be in you, take the challenge to be hold in the Lord. Start Here:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them and they follow Me. John 10:27

Who can enter God’s Hosted Glorify

Most Christians are rejected from God’s ‘Unity Glorify Assembly,’  one must have their heart right with the Lord to get through, but lets see what happens when you try to join this prestigious assembly of the Bible, that shall glorify God by His Consent  ▶  Start Here:

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If you tried the first time and didn’t get through, continue to find your problem, it may only be that someone have already entered the verse you’re wanting to install.

Now that the message and verse are exposed, needing to glorify God is now in the universe (Romans 15:5-6), we are not to give up the order Jesus set for those in him at John 14:13 reading: And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Establishing Yourself In The Bible

If the Bible is static, do nothing, but if the Bible is dynamic to you, click link to establish yourself in it InstallAverse. Let it be known it was only Jesus who asked the disciples to glorify the Father in Heaven, afterwards, this task went dormant and wouldn’t take place for thousands of years after giving the assignment. Who will now carry out the mission?

Since 2011 there is now evidence of action to build upon the very words Jesus asked of us. We find that Romans 15:5-6 is the answer to deliver us into such ordinance, whereby God may be Glorified by His one voice (1Cup).

Glory To Glory
The ministry to bless God by His Word.

We believe that each one who establish their self in the Word of God, will be granted to a growth position by such Word of Romans 15:5 where they are offered a harmony and unity in accord with Christ Jesus.

The Word (31,102 Verses) in the Bible are real and adds harmony to many who take’s heed to it’s true Word of God. The Preach1 Foundation gets their assignments from God’s dynamics of light thru Romans 15:5-6.

The Preach1 Foundation is seeking to host God’s first Glorify of the 21st century. This is an event not done by God’s saints since Jesus host the one at John 12:28. In the scripture we find that it’s on God’s agenda to be glorified once again. For those happy to give themselves to God’s honor, we ask that they signup for this purpose of glorifying God InstallAverse by scripture reading, as follows.

Romans 15:5-6 Reads: May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What does God want from us?

It All Starts Here

It’s so true, God does want something from His Creations. Its harder to come out and say it, as it is for men to do it fruitfully. Jesus way; was to come out and say it with his heart a blazing, saying; And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; John 14:13.  This is the call from our Lord Jesus Christ, to find the duty (by scripture) that will glorify God the Father. Yes, believers of Jesus are in Jesus the Son of God, who gives the order to his believers to glorify the Father.

Having a heart to glorify God by Romans 15:5-6 may be the only way to get our prayer heard by God. Those who have no idea that there are those who are always seeking to glorify God in the biblical way, God gives food to His creation that seek to glorify Him anytime they come to the junction to glorify God.


I bring you here that you may know that God is wanting to be glorified by all His Creations, this is why the Preach1 Foundation uses Romans 15:5-6 to prove that God is worthy of this honor!