The Mission: Get God Glorified

People honoring God simultaneously

One mission: Get our God glorified is a wondered act by those who were never groomed to take orders from Jesus. Lets go to John 14:2, here is Jesus telling disciples that he’ll do anything asked in his name, if they will glorify his father.  Jesus Christ facilitate  a continuity with man who shall seek God’s Face (Face: known as a bible) to love and express man’s outer body to relevance God.

In all our messages, we are working to bring people of God to a oneness, that together we may glorify God’s one voice at once through our signup link:

Without the Lord giving the wisdom to enlighten the minds of man, leading us to glorify God without ceilings, there wouldn’t be a way to glorify God’s One Voice.

Love identified by one voice
Preach1 Day in action