Religious spoofing, since 1805

Those spoofed in the effort to publish a community Holy Bible, called the Preach1Bible. Fear will only increase to more doubters in our society.

Let’s begin; new members will sign into our intake form. This is to list their name profile, this list is located inside our bible in a column for a credited position by the enlisted names of the living. This kind of enthusiasm is known to bring fear to church-folks. This is a known inbred deterrent from the days where African Slaves who were killed for deeds of any type of movement from a Holy Bible. This message is not to filter out none Blacks eighter Blacks who enjoy part taking in these  biblical works. My challenge is, getting out the message to those who’ll not fear the high stakes of such love to God’s People. Join here: join us.

If you want to join us but, you live outside of the USA or Canada, enter your name and verse profile in the following form link. Afterwards we will append your input to the Preach1Bible after viewed by our office. Go to:

Preach1Bible to be published
New Holy Bible


The Movement in Matthews Chapter10

As we know that some paths we take on behalf of the Lord, could not be warranted by ‘They Sayers’ standards. It is good to have a visiting elder speak wisdom into your ears to comfort you. But some issues will push you out an a limb that’s never been taken before you. Once you are on the outskirts of your dreams some far reaching activities may come to mind, following your own free will may not be the right answer, the thought that the Lord only knows, may be your only way through.

Jesus gave believers a great incentive to turn keys in heaven by His disciples who were given the grace to bind and loose rewards from heaven. The graphic below is  a lead-in word binding document to follow for your placement in the kingdom. These are just some of the high stakes I wouldn’t pass up while seeking my high tower and my refuge.

Disciples Rewards in Heaven
Rewards in Heaven

This document was not made without divine discernment of the spirit and Matthews Chapter 10.