Mystery Of Mansions: John 14:2

The Pathway To Your Mansion On Earth:

To show claity in the scripture at John 14:2
Dwelling rooms and mansion to live in God’s House

How the living get’s a room(s) in the mansions of God’s House.

Let the prophecy of this 21st century, regrading John 14:2, be established here. A divine word is given; that the Bible’s Scriptures are the Mansions of God’s House.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.  1Tim 4:8 The Rebirth.

We are the ministry that’s called from Heaven to show man how to exit false teaching that there are housing for use in a transit Heaven for the dead in Christ.  Man is forever in spirit and after death our spirit waits to be judged, and judged to the next wound portal of blood, and water of a spirit mother! We are sent back into Earth, serving in countless mists of time periods through a female women child who was returned to Earth years earlier, before your coming into Earth.  It’s by this wide margins of woman classifications of heavenly mothers or hellish mothers, these are the mothers who makes purpose for a rebirth.

Understanding the mystery of John 14: 2  it is edified and given to the Preach1 Foundation as a phantom to prophecy for such a time in 21St Century. Mansions in my Father’s House, this is an outward expression for all spirits of God that beholds man,  as mention in John 14:17, which gives us the grace to understand where the Lord is and how he may use our spirits to commune with us.

The Preach1 Foundation offers such a way to have a solid unveiled resource with your name plus your selected Bible verse.  Having the above assembled together, is your openly hanging document for a room (not to place inside of a book).  We are to keep in mind that God’s House in furnished from Earth to Heaven. The below document would be your first viewable Mansion in Earth with hopes of adding other rooms.

However, there is a requirement; you must be a registered partner with the Preach1 Foundation and dedicated to take up your cross and follow Christ who Glorified God!  Join us by registering a scripture in the Bible. After you’ve completed your Preach1 Registration you will be able to start your 2 step process for your documented Mansion, please click on my document below after your registration signup for publishing.

Mystery Discovery To Greater Works

The mystery discovery belongs to the Preach1 Foundation. We are the entity to deliver the people to the greater works requested of Jesus Christ. This greater work is to glorify God by His Word. We back up our assignment with scripture reading at Romans 15:5-6, for such truth as related to purpose. We give honor for God’s Mercy to allow to follow through His total Word for duty as accepted by Saints (Saint; those believing our Lord).