To bear the fruit of John 15:8, its not our prayers in the spirit and its not a praise of thanksgivings. Its your heart with a proof of God’s Word, placed and pressed within us to turn us into fruit bearing saints. Come and be pressed into fruit of the Lord Jesus Christ that together we may glorify our God, whereby God’s consent is given to us at Romans 15:6 

Glory To Glory
The entry to bless God by His Word.

Years Ago Prophesied

For thousand of years prophesied, let it be known that the Preach1 Foundation is the source for the Lamb’s book of life, for those who’ll glorify God will have a self write-in to the Lamb’s book of life, bringing up the Tree of life for they’re both in the earth. http://bookoflife.one

Scriptures to the Lamb's book of life
Preach1 Foundation office by relationship

Preach1 Unveils Our Future

There’s was no way to take off the veil over Romans 15:5-6 without God giving clarity to this prophecy of harmony blessing,  whereby if you’re not sick then I’m not sick, consequently if I’m sick you’re sick. But if we get to the tree of life, we both will get healed Preach1Day.com

Reveil the further
Either side of the river

Built To Last Thru Eternity

Its official saints;  if your name isn’t put into the Lamb’s Book of Life (by you), you shall be thrown into the lake of fire Ref:  See Rev 20:15 InstallAverse.com

Them who'll glorify God
Preach1 Foundation Bible

Here is where the body of Christ lands their glory on the ground to glorify God. Once all the verses of the Bible are taken we’ll be given an itinerary to sync with all others in the glorifing ordinance of the Bible ~ Romans 15:5-6.  You will not need to re-sync if you cane via the Lamb’s book of life signup.

A 21st Century Prophecy

Installable Bible verses are now in the 21st Century, this is mandated from God that the saints well have an honor position to glorify Him. The pathway is now open for God to be glorify by His Consent (Rom 15:5-6). This answered prophecy doubles over into the Lamb’s book of life.

The Book of life
This book is in the earth for signing your name in it lest you’ll be thrown in the lake of fire via Rev 21:15. http://bookoflife.one

Many are surprised that the Lamb’s Book of Life is in the earth awaiting their write in entry ~ see Rev 22:19. As prophecies of the Bible unveil before our eyes, give God the glory! To get a prophecy that only you can comprehend, and be God’s first line preacher/distributor to the saints of God. These wonders are thru such a rewarding relationship with God. When the anointing matches your character with God’s Word of knowledge, the prophecy brings the strength to you for invading the earth with God’s good news!

You tell me, how was anyone going to see your good works and glorify your God (Matt 5:16) if you didn’t ask them to join you? Answer http://BookofLife.one