A 21st Century Prophecy

Installable Bible verses are now in the 21st Century, this is mandated from God that the saints well have an honor position to glorify Him. The pathway is now open for God to be glorify by His Consent (Rom 15:5-6). This answered prophecy doubles over into the Lamb’s book of life.

The Book of life
This book is in the earth for signing your name in it lest you’ll be thrown in the lake of fire via Rev 21:15. http://bookoflife.one

Many are surprised that the Lamb’s Book of Life is in the earth awaiting their write in entry ~ see Rev 22:19. As prophecies of the Bible unveil before our eyes, give God the glory! To get a prophecy that only you can comprehend, and be God’s first line preacher/distributor to the saints of God. These wonders are thru such a rewarding relationship with God. When the anointing matches your character with God’s Word of knowledge, the prophecy brings the strength to you for invading the earth with God’s good news!

You tell me, how was anyone going to see your good works and glorify your God (Matt 5:16) if you didn’t ask them to join you? Answer http://BookofLife.one

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