A Harmony Grant to Glorifiers

Welcome! You are given this honor to look upon our place of peace which is our harmony in Christ Jesus. We want you to know that you are covered in our fronts of safety places, guarded from all things that answer’s to sins and violence. God have given those who understands His ‘Grants of Harmony in Unity’ to live with one another (only those inside) who understands this place in Christ Jesus. Harmony comes with knowledge of scripture to glorify God and Father of our Lord Christ Jesus at Romans 15:5-6 esv.

What is automatic for Christians, is to be included at 1 Peter 4:16 which reads: Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name. Don’t be dismayed, the blessing of harmony is not automatic but brought to those who answers the call to Glorify God (John 14:13), again it is with those who seek Romans 15:6 and follow through with every Word God has spoken to mankind. Your part in ‘The Glorify’ is to recite 1 of the bible’s 31,102 bible verses said from God’s Mouth (2Min’s) in the crowd of Glorifiers. The Preach1 Foundation Ministry have cloned the name Glorifier; one who takes on the position to glorify God by God’s consent given and takes honor with their position to recite God’s One-voice together with those in Christ Jesus. Take pleasure to be listed with Romans 15:5-6. Do not hesitate and don’t break rank, go now to join with the Glorifiers at Glorifier.org today!

Jesus have given no greater offers to his disciples on earth with his word according to John 14:13 reading:  Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Larry Denson, the prophet and administrator of Romans 15:5-6, a prophet of God would know the verse and the meaning of the content given to glorify Him. The wise man who searches the bible for glues to negate the prophet is going to find calamity first, by not honoring the call given from Larry Denson to join together and glorify God by His consent given. Larry Denson have collected these words below to bring a present in the coming days. This ordinance was given in this 21st century with a ‘join us’ link, so those who bring their loving care into the public to recite their selected bible verse, can prepare today.

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