Show the way, send me Lord

With all things loved, you may give to God, and still, it wouldn’t match a gift His lovers bring to glorify Him. Amen somebody!

Currently the Preach1 Foundation is the only ministry that logs your proof of being qualified to be named inside the Lamb’s book of live, where those believing God’s Wrath will know not to omit the call of the spirit to write themselves inside and do honors on earth to void facing Revelation 20:15, the lake of fire!

You too can believe somethings should be put away on your behalf, things like a profile about who you are on paper, your books, letters, achievements and other things, just as God did with His Ark of the covenant. The most important item would be one’s certificate into the Lamb’s book of life, it’s a document of participation to meet requirements of not needing to be thrown into the Lake of fire.

Under the Preach1 Ministry Foundation, a beholding is given to the consideration of a public intake for God’s people everywhere, and this work carries the weight of entry into the Lamb’s book of life. Some may ask ” what makes Preach1 so above writing their name in a Holy Bible”, it’s because we offer the Preach1 publication as a log where all scriptures are nesting for intake.

When you get power to ignite idling people of God, you will gain strength by reading God’s Word and listening for His call, at times it will take you to a standoff with bottom feeders who makes their living by hiding, catching and eating swampy meals.

When you read historical records of God’s Word and see a cause and effect that never met the mines of God’s people, but you, you received the dormant message left for interpretation that only you can bring to light. The interpreter must know that they are the prophet for this time. Their work ahead would be tested by many side-bar naysayers to no-end, they will lurk to see you fall.

I myself am convinced, my brothers and sisters, you may never come face to face with a pastor who can assure you that you won’t be thrown into the lake of fire, the Preach1 Foundation is here to deliverer you from the wrath of God at Rev 20:15. Sign in here:

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