What does God want from us?

It All Starts Here

It’s so true, God does want something from His Creations. Its harder to come out and say it, as it is for men to do it fruitfully. Jesus way; was to come out and say it with his heart a blazing, saying; And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; John 14:13.  This is the call from our Lord Jesus Christ, to find the duty (by scripture) that will glorify God the Father. Yes, believers of Jesus are in Jesus the Son of God, who gives the order to his believers to glorify the Father.

Having a heart to glorify God by Romans 15:5-6 may be the only way to get our prayer heard by God. Those who have no idea that there are those who are always seeking to glorify God in the biblical way, God gives food to His creation that seek to glorify Him anytime they come to the junction to glorify God.


I bring you here that you may know that God is wanting to be glorified by all His Creations, this is why the Preach1 Foundation uses Romans 15:5-6 to prove that God is worthy of this honor!

Pulling Off Romans15:6

Pulling Off Romans 15:6 and live to tell about it.

20st century Ark

The best of mankind wants to glorify the God and Father of our Lord. This is going to be a task throughout generations thru deaths, base on John 21:19 where battlefield saint’s first die, and then God is glorified.

Now lets go to how God is glorified by the living saints. We find in the scriptures one needing to be broken down before it can be applicable for saints to partake of it glory. This knowledge have become our resource for the Preach1 Foundation Ministry of Romans 15:5-6, where it has been studied and approved to rightly define us as workmen. Our tools for delivery to saints are carriers throughout the planet for those granted entry to the ‘Romans 15:6 Ark’ of the new-covenant.

The hope is for all those who have a reverence for God to join us today Ark.preach1.com

God’s Outreach To Get You Established

This topic is a reach out to get God’s people of righteousness established in God’s Word. These people will have a wisdom given to follow the assignment by seeing, hearing or reading and by understanding in their heart to be ready for God’s move for those who’ll participate in the given orders to glorify God.

Those who can see the call to advance into God’s one voice Word below. If you were called to the wisdom of glorifying God by Romans 15:6, the bible foundation below is your guild to harmony and unity living. Go the way of the righteous and signup a bible verse today!


The Ark Has Docked, Again

An Ark for those who hunger and thirst after God.

You shall be comforted in God’s one-voice!

The purpose is not to mislead the hesitant of their religious ways, who shall miss their call to harmony, but to them who foolishly hate wisdom for it imparts knowledge over money.

Break the cycle to fly to the other pathway, take the path of the righteous.

Lost at Earth

Officiating Messages From The Ark

20st century Ark
Who rides the Ark of the 21st century?
A call from the Ark
Own a seat on the 21St Century Ark

This is a high calling to be honored by the good news of the 21st Century Ark. This is a offer from Romans 15:5-6. The Earth will stay on its foundation but God’s people will be leaving in the Ark (with those together) soon. Continue reading “Lost at Earth”

21st Century Ark of Romans 15:6


A covenant with God
An Ark for those of the 21st Century


The ‘Covenant Ark’ of the 21st Century (Romans 15:6) is open until God shuts the intake doors, ensure you are signed into Romans 15:6 Ark.Preach1.com

Breaking knowledge in to Romans 15:5-6 Word, there must be a call to God’s prophet, after God delivers His prophecy, through the prophet the work can be edified for men to see God’s next move on His Word.

This is the first time people in God were ask to sync with a verse from the Bible at 1:00 PM on Saturday’s by riversides across the world.


The great request
Who glorifies Gods?

The days where man through his good works, hoping it stuck on the wall somewhere in glory and called it a glorify to God, these days are over, now that clarity is here and everyone are to adhere to wisdom for their own safe keeping. The only foundation making matter, such as Jesus work in John 12:28 to glorify God, surely this was a challenged Jesus had to pass through before coming to heaven.

Would you take on the challenge to glorify God via Romans 15:6?  Start here: ReciteAverse.com