Stadium Glorify


Stadium Glorify
One voice glorify to GOD

We start with a given command from Jesus Christ, he would ask those of his discipleship to glorify the Father at John 14:13. Jesus gave no details on how to complete such a task, but God would later give the consent word to glorify our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It comes by way of scripture; offering a grace at Romans 15:5 and instructions at Romans 15:6.

The next spiritual thing to happen; was to find a man of God who would hear from heaven with the ordinance for the people of God. This man ‘Saint Larry Denson’ was choosing to take orders with decency to the next level of divine assignments. Many years would pass through Larry Denson, as more needed wisdom from God to Saint Larry was required. From year 2000, Saint Larry would hold the position to receive God’s divine entry of tasks to come and be placed inside of Saint Larry’s mind and hands for assembly of the Preach1 Ministry.

For God to hear His One-Voice from the earth by mankind is glorifying, for this moment has been delayed for over 20 centuries ago, never to come through the New Covenant Saints until now. However there was a time in the Old Covenant, a One-Voice glorify was found at Exodus 24:3 with its detailed ordinance, then given by Moses. Today, God’s one voice is composed of 66 books written by God, having 31,102 verses to be delivered by mouth in a open air space, from God’s Saint’s of honor. This is how our name was derived and called a Preach1 Foundation Ministry.

It is the responsibility of the saint to fill out our very simple form to get a certificate of registration for the recital. There are more than 30 domain names and hundreds of links to our registration page, come and join us! Some of our more common names are;,,,, Many friends and family follow Saint Larry Denson on FaceBook.

Them who'll glorify God

The Preach1 Foundation is believing that God have more than enough people to fill the ordinance of the one voice Glorify in a stadium. Those who will apply/pay for a seat will also need the status of our certificate, our way to assure the presence of a person having a bible verse to recite when the order is giving at the recital. Without order there could be 30,000 people reciting John 3:16 together. Registering a verse at will stop this from happening, we have set a deterrent payment of  $1000 plus entry fees at a cost of $20 to get a seat in the ‘Glorify Stadium of Saints’ to keep such order through the reciting of God’s one voice, Please remember that the verse you get is not about you, but for God to hear His bible verse through your mouth.

Together we will glorify God as giving in the bible. We are not giving the named stadium or the date at this time. We are asking that the Saints be ready to participate as each have their assignments, responsibilities and ordinance to follow for our Love of GOD, and Him Glorified by His Human Creation!

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