Preach1 Day via Romans 15:5-6

20st century Ark
Will you ride this Ark of the 21st century?

Hello, I’m Larry Denson, all I can say; is that I was called to be kind throughout my walk on earth. Some temptations called me and entertained me for periods of time, but God didn’t let the tempters name me! I’m a man of God, yes, that’s what I can say about myself, and that repentance worked for me!

An Ark, and what’s known about one?

The Ark, as we know it, is a carrier, engineered by God and crafted by a man named Moses. The Ark was measured in cubit feet and everyone inside was accountable to continue life on earth. Today, the Ark of Romans 15:6 is also measured and seated to carry 31,102 people. These are God believing people, who are willing to join Jesus’ offer instructed at John 14:13 and with one-voice, also instructed at Romans 15:6.

Mankind can choose to get aboard the 21st Century Ark or wait until God’s next plan beyond bible scriptures, if they can make it through the lake of fire.

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