Synopsis to glorify God.

Now the age has come and the time where we must hear God for ourselves is here, and the milk fed Christians may not be excursed in their casual participation to follow the strong. We are going to start with the details of Romans 15:6 to move when the Lord say move!

As men hear, read, and study how God is glorified, there will be a falling away from longevity and sudden deaths are going to be more popular in days ahead, so popular that soon a quick death will be known as a casual death as the minds of men will mist away from likely causes to deaths by calamity.

No man was asked to put/wrote/typed/marked their name in a book called the ‘Book of Life’ that was held before him, but without the truth (switching the book of life for one called the Holy Bible) they’ll still be charged by not marking an entry into it, according to Revelation 20:15 (thrown into fire).

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