Having Proof in Heaven and on Earth

Which would you give a greater reverence to: having a preacher who can handle a microphone in a mega church, or your name entered inside the Lamb’s Book of Life. Nothing could be more honoring to God by asking for the book of life to sign it for Godsakes.

Now we find that all pastors cringe at their parishioners who ask them to be led to write their name in the book of life.

The good preachers are never to roll out the steps to getting your name written inside the book of life, neither do they have a publication of scriptures to the book of life. For they know not the contrast of a Holy Bible from the Book of Life. This brings a question of embarrassment, which may brings stagnating subjects of wanderers like, those asking for the Lamb’s Book of Life, and why I am required to fill a position inside of it or be thrown into the lake of fire, when the living have never seen this book before.

Getting your name in the book of life, is a service that we do for those wanting to be listed as a wise candidate for everlasting life with the Jessus Christ. By writing your name profile in our bible you will have access to God’s harmony by participating in ‘The Glorify Assembly’ at Romans 15:5-6.

Without the Preach1 Foundation there would be no way for man to have a public honorable mentioning of being named with those written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, whereby man can be saved from the lake of fire after leaving earth ~Revelation 20:15.

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