Harmony in Unity (KJV – ESV)

Who’s in or whose out of the grant to live with Christ Jesus via Romans 15:5? There is a way to prepare your mansion with Christ as early as today. You only need to have your name established in the Book of Life, but no one for centuries have seen the book of life. How can Revelation 20:15 be fruitful to the men and women of God?

The Preach1 Foundation makes use for our publication being final for those wanting to be accountable in our pubic Preach1Bible (a Book of Life substitute) meeting the requirements of having your name written in the Book of Life is what makes you outstanding for the mission to glorify God.

Before the time comes, it would be a great initiative of this day to have your name written in the book of life before that day comes for your final inspection and to have your name written in our Holy Bible!

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